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Little Rock Arkansas Sales and Service Facility

11400 West Baseline Road,  Little Rock, AR. 72209  Fax: 870-336-2111

Sales and Service: 501-225-6440 or Email: sales@theintegrityoffice.com


Bart: 501-993-2823 or Email: Bart@theintegrityoffice.com

Phil: 870-761-5292 or Email: Phil@theintegrityoffice.com

Stephen: 501-626-3109 or Stephen@theintegrityoffice.com



Arkansas State Government - contact phil@theintegrityoffice.com to be set up on this website for State pricing. 

"We aren’t really free until we’re free from ourselves: our ego, our reputation, our self-image, our need to be right, our need to be successful, our need to have everything under control, even our need to be loved by others—or to think of ourselves as loving." Carl Jung 

RECYCLE "Keep Arkansas The Natural State"

Did you know..

     - Each year some 500 million empty or used cartridges end up going to landfills.

     - A cartridge in the landfill will take over 1000 years to biodegrade.

     - To manufacture a toner cartridge will take approximately 3.7 quarts of oil.

Contact phil@theintegrityoffice.com for free PREPAID shipping labels. Instructions for recycling: Fill a sturdy box with a minimum of 20 items or 20 lbs of mixed product.  Tape box shut.  Tape UPS label to box. Reinforce the seams on heavy packages.  Give it to a UPS driver or take it to a UPS dropoff location.  

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